Hostile Work Environment

Parkersburg Hostile Work Environment Attorney

Seeking Justice for Unfairly Treated Employees

Your job is stressful enough without the added pressure of aggressive, unfair interactions. If your boss or co-workers are making you miserable, you may be the victim of a hostile work environment. 

At Bailess Law Firm PLLC, our emplyoment attorneys can recognize the signs and symptoms of hostility on the job. We can evaluate your situation. If we see evidence of a hostile environment, we can act, helping you receive the justice you deserve.

Examples of a Hostile Work Environment

If someone at work simply annoys you, this may not be enough to warrant a claim. True examples of hostility are hard to miss.

Your job could be a hostile environment when:

  • You face sexual or racial harassment
  • You have been discriminated against in any way
  • There have been several complaints against the company or its management
  • Someone in authority is aggressive, including yelling, threatening, or direct physical violence

You can trust your own feelings about your job. If you feel threatened or subjugated at work, the environment is probably, by definition, hostile. Tell our team your story, and we may be able to help free you from this bad situation.

If hostility in your Parkersburg work environment has become unbearable, call us at (304) 841-0037 today for help.

Damages in a Hostile Work Environment Claim

Generally, your employer prefers to settle such claims out of court, giving you a fair amount of money for your trouble. If, however, they are stubborn, we can help take the matter to court.

In a hostile work environment lawsuit, you could be compensated for any wages you lost. If you were injured, your medical expenses can be covered. You may even be entitled to extra money for your pain and suffering, including the mental distress you endured. 

Reach out to the lawyers at Bailess Law Firm PLLC for help with your hostile work environment case in Parkersburg. Our team is waiting to hear from you at (304) 841-0037. You may also use our online contact form.

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