It's Not Your Fault: How to Fight Back Against Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Workplaces polluted by sexual harassment, sex- and gender-based discrimination, and retaliation can turn even the best jobs and career opportunities into waking nightmares. Working in environments where these kinds of toxic behaviors are directed at you—or are an unavoidable part of the on-the-job culture—can threaten to rob you of your dignity and leave you feeling like there's nothing you can do and nowhere you can turn for help.

While abusers often work hard to make their targets feel isolated and without options, nothing could be further from the truth. You aren't powerless, you aren't alone, and you've come to the right firm for help.

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Holding Employers Accountable for Unlawful Behavior

At Bailess Law Firm, our team of conscientious and capable employment attorneys helps sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation survivors hold their employers accountable. Based in Morgantown, we serve clients throughout West Virginia, offering legal guidance, support, encouragement, validation, and protection. If you're a survivor of on-the-job sexual harassment, we may be able to do the same for you.

Answering Your Questions About On-the-Job Sexual Harassment 

Our attorneys have found that survivors often have a number of questions about what constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace, as well as their legal rights and options. We wrote It's Not Your Fault: How to Fight Back Against Sexual Harassment in the Workplace to answer some of the most common queries we receive.

 Our guide provides information on:

  • The different types of workplace sexual harassment;
  • Recognizing on-the-job sexual harassment and its effects;
  • The laws that protect against sexual harassment in the workplace;
  • Recognizing retaliation;
  • Reporting workplace sexual harassment or retaliation;
  • Potential damages;
  • How a skilled employment attorney can help your case;
  • And much, much more.