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Sexual harassment can make a workplace intimidating, offensive, or downright hostile. Because workers have a right to a safe and professional workplace, sex or gender-based discrimination is absolutely inexcusable and should not be ignored. 

If you are experiencing sexual harassment in your place of work from a manager, supervisor, coworker, or someone else, our Morgantown sexual harassment lawyers want to hear from you. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be owed damages to compensate you for lost wages and/or benefits, emotional distress, related medical or psychological counseling expenses, and more.

What Constitutes Sexual Harassment?

Examples of sexually harassing behavior include:

  • Sending or circulating sexually-explicit or suggestive emails, texts, or  images 
  • Making sexual advances or requesting sexual favors
  • Making lewd remarks, crude jokes, or sexual innuendos
  • Inappropriate touching
  • Using explicit or suggestive gender-related language 
  • Commenting on a person's body
  • Quid Pro Quo harassment (involving threats or bribes)

Sexual harassment is degrading, offensive, and against the law. Bailess Law Firm PLLC can offer you the assistance you need to restore your dignity, pursue accountability, and get you any economic or non-economic damages you may be owed.

Bailess Law Firm PLLC is here to help you understand your legal rights. Contact us today.

Holding Employers & Coworkers Accountable for Sexual Harassment

It is not uncommon for sexual harassment victims to be reluctant to take legal action due to fear of retaliation. Don't fall into this line of thinking and believe that there is nothing you can do. Sexual harassment and workplace retaliation are both prohibited by the law. This means that you have legal rights, and an experienced attorney can help you make sense of how to move forward. 

Although it may seem intimidating to speak with a sexual harassment attorney, we want to reassure you that there is nothing to worry about. You have nothing to lose by discussing your experience with Bailess Law Firm PLLC. Our attorneys are caring professionals who will listen to your concerns without judgment and help you understand whether you have a viable legal case. If our team agrees that sexual harassment has indeed occurred, we'll help you understand your options to hold the responsible party accountable for their inappropriate and unlawful actions. 

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