What Should I Do If I Believe I Witnessed Sexual Harassment In The Workplace?

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It's essential to know how you should respond if you ever witness sexual harassment in the workplace. Whether you are a victim, a bystander, or an employer, some steps can be taken to ensure that everyone is safe and respected. Here is what you should do if you believe you witnessed sexual harassment in the workplace.

Document Everything You Witnessed

If possible, document any details or conversations related to the incident. This includes dates, times, names of those involved, and other relevant information. This will benefit both yourself and any potential investigation into the incident. Keep a file of all correspondence between yourself and anyone involved in the incident. Keeping detailed records will help protect your rights and provide evidence if needed down the line.

Report The Incident

Once you have documented what happened, it is important to report the incident immediately. If there is an HR department at your workplace, contact them first; they can guide you on how best to file a report or initiate an investigation. If there isn't an HR department available (or if you don't feel comfortable reporting through them), contact local law enforcement or a qualified attorney specializing in workplace-related issues such as sexual harassment.

Check On Your Coworkers

Ensure that everyone involved in or witnessed the incident is doing okay, including victims and bystanders. It can be difficult for people to process traumatic events, so take the time to let those involved know that you did report the incident. This can help them with their claim, as they will have a bystander account of the incident.

We Help Restore Dignity And Bring Hope To Our Clients

No one should ever experience sexual harassment while at work—and it's up to us all to make sure we create safe spaces for ourselves and our coworkers, no matter where we are. By following these steps when responding to incidents of sexual harassment in the workplace, we can help ensure that our workplaces remain safe havens for everyone who enters them.

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