In June 2019, a single mother was forced to quit her job due to constant sexual harassment by her supervisor. She worked as a fueler for an oil & gas operation in Northern West Virginia. After being laid off for a short time, her supervisor convinced the Oil and Gas company to hire her back on with the company. Almost immediately after she started back working, the supervisor began sending her graphic nude pictures and videos of himself. 

The single mother immediately reported the supervisor to upper management, but they did nothing.  She was forced to continue working with the supervisor, even having to ride in a company truck with him to and from the job site and hotel. The supervisor continued to make sexual advances to the single mother.  The company failed to protect her, and she ultimately quit. 

Workplace Free of Sexual Harassment

Every employer in West Virginia has a duty to provide a safe workplace free of sexual harassment. The West Virginia Human Rights Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 mandates this duty. Unfortunately, some companies, like the Oil and Gas company, fail to enforce sexual harassment policies.  An employee should never have to choose between their job or being sexually harassed in the workplace. 

How Bailess Law Firm Helped

At Bailess Law Firm, we have a proven system geared toward helping clients hold their employers accountable for sexual harassment.  At the outset, we met and talked to the single mother without judgment.  We thoroughly explained the legal process of a sexual harassment case.  She became empowered and refused to let this supervisor harass another female on the job. Through the combined efforts of our legal team and our client’s unwavering determination, we were able to hold the company accountable and obtain a life changing result for the single mother.

How Bailess Law Firm Can Help You

We take sexual harassment in the workplace seriously. Our team of legal professionals are highly experienced and compassionate in combating unlawful employment practices.  Contact us 24/7 at (304) 413-1400 or contact us by filling out this form for a free consultation.