From June 2016 to June 2017, several young female workers were relentlessly and menacingly sexually harassed by an older male supervisor of a cookie store in Parkersburg, West Virginia. The sexual harassment was so pervasive and brazen that the employees’ shift supervisor, an older female, would have to continually report the employee to management.

Management totally ignored the complaints relating to the male employee, who would also show up to work intoxicated. The employee’s behavior and treatment of the female employees progressively worsened, to the point that the two female employees were forced to quit. Then, the company fired the shift supervisor who reported the sexual harassment, leaving the male harasser with little to no oversight in the workplace.

System Failures

One of the simplest ways an employer can keep its workplace safe from predatory harassers is to have systems in place that can prevent potential problems. Things like conducting background checks on potential hires and having a set policy in place that deals with sexual harassment in the workplace. 

Had this company conducted a background check on the male employee of the cookie store prior to his hiring, they would’ve found that he had a history of this type of behavior and was even fired from his previous job for sexual harassment.

The cookie store also failed to utilize a sexual harassment prevention plan, which led to the male harasser’s increasingly brazen and unchecked sexual harassment of the female employees.

How Bailess Law Firm Helped

At Bailess Law Firm, we have our own system geared toward helping clients hold their employers accountable for sexual harassment.  At the outset, we first met and talked with the female shift supervisor.  Through our conversation with her, we learned of other females employees’ story, and determined to fight for them. Through the combined efforts of our legal team and our clients’ steadfast resolve, we were able to hold the company accountable, forcing them to reevaluate and enforce their sexual harassment policies and secured a life changing result for all three of the female employees.

Bailess Law Firm Gets Results for Our Clients

Our team at Bailess Law Firm takes sexual harassment in the workplace seriously. Our team of legal professionals are experienced, compassionate, and resolute in combating unlawful employment practices.  Contact us 24/7 at (304) 413-1400 or contact us by filling out this form for a free consultation.